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Beyond Data: General Quotes

Data often reduces complex community issues to simple numbers. To understand the many dimensions to an issue, it’s essential to engage community residents.

To bring this data to life, we asked New Orleans residents their thoughts about the youth in New Orleans. Here’s what they had to say:

If we could connect data on children and families from housing, health services, WIC/SNAP, Head Start, etc. to the school records, we could learn so much about how to improve impacts for kids.”

– Caucasian Female, Researcher, Age 34

I think the data itself is revealing potential concerns, and being aware of these concerns across organizations along with some form of united action would seem like a good long-term goal.”

– Research analyst, age 35, Caucasian Male

It seems like the lack of success for our population begins early. With data from The Youth Index showing that child poverty is at 37% in the midst of the fact that over 80% of families with children have at least one working parent, children are already feeling the pressure of low socioeconomic status before they are old enough to work.”

– African American Female, Former Opportunity Youth, Youth Engagement Coordinator, Age 24