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Beyond Data: Percent of Suspensions by Race

To understand the many dimensions to an issue, engaging the community is essential to understanding the context for data.

To bring this data to life, we asked New Orleans residents how they relate to the data in The Youth Index 2016. Here’s what they had to say about the topic of Percent of Suspensions by Race:

I’m a mother and grandmother of black males and I feel the system in all, from every angle, does not have my sons’ and grandsons’ best interest when it comes to education, criminal justice and economics. My community is effected by this because there are limited resources or no resources to benefit the people’s needs.  We need programs for our children so that they can grow in the areas where they feel most comfortable that will help them become productive citizens in the future. We as parents, guardians, and concerned citizens need to demand the necessary tools it takes to provide for our children so that they may become successful students and leaders of tomorrow.”

– African American Female, Intake Specialist, Age 61