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Beyond Data: Third-Eighth Grade English Language and Math Scores

To understand the many dimensions to an issue, engaging the community is essential to understanding the context for data.

To bring this data to life, we asked New Orleans residents how they relate to the data in The Youth Index 2016. Here’s what they had to say on the topic of Third-Eighth Grade English Language and Math Scores:

People are the center of the school system. The key to turning around a struggling school is to create an environment that cultivates love and righteousness and emphasizes that knowledge changes lives.”

– African American Female, Service Supervisor, Age 32


Academic achievement starts at home and that is the best. However, some students may be in homes that are broken or severely dysfunctional. There is a need for mentors but they can only do so much, especially when they have to be there and provide for their own families…Take resources from the criminal justice system and compensate people outside of the existing educational system to work with students on a regular basis.”

– African American Male, Engineer, Age 35