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Combining Data Points

How do I combine categories (income levels, education levels, types of transportation, etc.) and calculate a new margin of error (MOE)?

While adding together two or more data points is simple, calculating the new margin of error requires a complex mathematical formula. The widget below will do the math for you!

Combine multiple data points and calculate the new MOE

1. Select the number of data points you want to combine.

2. Enter each percent (%) or dollar amount ($) and its margin of error (MOE).

Important: Only include numbers. Include a zero before the decimal point for numbers less than one. Do not include a comma, or $, % or +/-.

Percents (%) or dollar amounts ($): Margins of error (MOEs):
4. See estimate for combined data below.
Percent (%) or dollar amount ($): Margin of error (MOE):
5. Be sure to write down your results on a piece of paper.