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Toward an equitable blue-green economy in Southeast Louisiana

Mar 29, 2022

Across Southeast Louisiana, investments are being made in coastal and water management and green infrastructure. Leaders have long heralded "water jobs" and "green jobs" for their potential to promote equity and diversify the economy while improving our relationship to the environment.

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New Orleans and the Hollow Prize Problem

Jan 05, 2022

Black mayors taking office was the culmination of many political efforts undertaken during the civil rights movement. However, Black mayors began taking office just as many residents were departing for the suburbs, tax revenues were dramatically shrinking, and some powers of the office were being curtailed. Mayors can fight systemic inequity by prioritizing the needs of low-income and working-class residents in their budgets, but in order to meet all residents’ needs, new methods of raising revenue will need to be crafted.

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The Coastal Index Dashboard

Nov 16, 2021

The Coastal Index dashboard examines the potential for the water management sector to emerge as a long-lasting driver for the regional economy. Explore the dashboard by clicking the link below.

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Population shifts across metro New Orleans

Oct 25, 2021

Metro New Orleans is now "majority minority" — but what does that really mean? This brief explores the changing definition of race in the census and demographic shifts across the metro. We find increasing diversity in every parish, and increasing numbers of people claiming more than one race for the first time.

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Changing New Orleans neighborhoods

Sep 14, 2021

From 2010 to 2020, New Orleans population grew 12%, likely driven by continued post-Katrina recovery in the early part of the decade. This brief examines neighborhood changes over the last decade and highlights the changing racial makeup of some neighborhoods, as well as where the most children live today.

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Detailed data sheds new light on racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths

Jun 25, 2020

Nationwide, nursing homes, prisons and other “group quarters” are significant COVID hot spots. Nonetheless, the majority of deaths are among individuals who do not live in group quarters. Recently obtained detailed data from The Orleans Parish Coroner’s office reveals that racial disparities are even greater than previously thought, once deaths in group quarters are factored out.

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