Interactive: What are the top water management occupations?

Published: Jan 05, 2015

Demonstrated job growth and relatively high wages, paired with a rising number of projected openings due to new development, turnover, and a workforce reaching retirement, signal an exciting opportunity for the budding water management economy in Southeast Louisiana. Explore the top 20 water management cluster (WM) occupations, their current characteristics, and future projections below.

Top 20 Water Management Occupations Sorted (left-to-right) by Education/Training Required

Source: The Data Center analysis of data from EMSI.

Notes: The top occupations in WM are defined as those with the largest number of jobs within the WM cluster that also represent at least 20 percent of all WM jobs region-wide. This 20 percent cutoff was established to filter out administrative positions that exist across all clusters and that are not characteristic of the WM industry specifically