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Systemic Inequity Collection

Potential Economic Impact of Increasing Income for Black New Orleanians

Sep 13, 2023

Black New Orleanians have incomes well below their peers in comparison Southern metros. This brief quantifies the difference between Black per capita income in the metro areas of New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Nashville, and Orlando, as well as the estimated increase to Metro New Orleans' GDP if these gaps were closed.

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New Orleans and the Hollow Prize Problem

Jan 05, 2022

Black mayors taking office was the culmination of many political efforts undertaken during the civil rights movement. However, Black mayors began taking office just as many residents were departing for the suburbs, tax revenues were dramatically shrinking, and some powers of the office were being curtailed. Mayors can fight systemic inequity by prioritizing the needs of low-income and working-class residents in their budgets, but in order to meet all residents’ needs, new methods of raising revenue will need to be crafted.

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